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Yoga Classes

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TAUGHT by Anvita Dixit

Our Yoga classes are primarily taught by Anvita Dixit, who has been learning and practicing Yoga right from her childhood as she lived and grew up at the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institution in Mumbai - where her father, Shri Ravi Dixit serves as the Joint Director.

She has thus had a very early introduction to classical Yoga, and has been able to learn both the practical elements of the practice - such as Asana, Pranayama & Meditation, along with the Yoga philosophy texts and theories - such as the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hatha Pradipika & Gheranda Samhita, amongst others. Her study of Yoga has been extensive - from a Diploma in Yoga Education at Kaivalydhama to topping Yoga in High School at the J.B. Petit High School For Girls - with a 98% average across Yoga practicals & philosophy both.

This combination of the practical and philosophical elements of Yoga have helped Anvita to teach Yoga in a more holistic and all-round manner. She has taught Yoga internationally in London while pursuing her Masters' Degree, and has also worked at - as the Yoga Lead for Digital Content across the app and website, enabling her to connect with an international as well as Indian audience.


She is now teaching Yoga through her platform, Yogic Gurukul - with an aim to teach Yoga in a modern, yet traditional way and has worked with several students, brands and corporates from Nykaa Wellness, to Atos Syntel, and Olena Plix amongst others. Her classes are known to be calming, versatile and filled with knowledge from her philosophy study through Yogic themes and stories. 

We look forward to seeing you in class soon and having you join our Yogic Gurukul family :)

Monthly BATCHES - grOUPS

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Monday and Wednesday, 6am-7.00am IST

Sign up for our intermediate Yoga batch, every Monday & Wednesday morning, from 6am-7am IST.


5,000 INR

12 Sessions

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Tuesday & Thursday, 7am-8am USA, EDT

Sign up for our intermediate batch, every Tuesday & Thursday morning, 7am to 8am, USA - Eastern Time.


5000 INR

12 Sessions

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Introductory Consultation Call

Sign up for an introductory health consultation call with us to get started on your wellness journey!


Free - Based On Availability




Fitness Style - Targeted & Goal-Specific

Sign up for this private Yoga batch to work 1:1 on your chosen fitness goal of flexibility, weight loss or strength.


30,000 INR

12 Sessions



Restorative Style -  Therapy & Healing

Sign up for this private Yoga batch focused on healing your health condition and recovering fully.


30,000 INR

12 Sessions



Yoga Philosophy - In Depth Study

Sign up for this private Yoga study batch focused on Indian Philosophy, Yoga Sutras & Indian Psychology.


30,000 INR

12 Sessions


Thanks for submitting! We will share updates on our class dates with you on email :)

What our students say

Megha mehta

“The peace of mind I felt was really something I'd been yearning for. The Yogic Gurukul classes were SIMPLE and SPIRITUAL at the same time. 


"The way with which Anvita weaved in philosophy and logic behind each pose was nothing short of beautiful. The tech team worked really hard to make each class available to us for our practice. The best part about the entire class is that it literally connects 'you with you'. The vibe is just so positive and so right!”

Sathya Sai Krishna.jpeg
Sathya Sai Krishna

"I have tried a few yoga classes earlier and found Anvita’s super friendly, thoughtful and well explained."


"She was very thorough with her approach and explanation of the poses and I really enjoyed the humor as well!  I was searching for a class that captures the philosophy and the movement - while keeping my mind calm and my body healthy and strong; I have found exactly what I was searching for with these yoga classes!"

Unnati Kapoor.jpeg
Unnati Kapoor

"Yogic Gurukul transformed my psyche with answers to things I had never understood about existence which were so profound, and logical!"


"We learnt how to feel real happiness by not only applying yoga to external situations, but also to reflect inwards and evolve our beings to higher states of consciousness! Yoga is the best blessing to mankind and Yogic Gurukul is sticking to its root by giving us the real essence, which many people are unaware of!"

Brands We Have Worked With

From, to Tata Play Fitness, Dr. Reddy's, Dr. Vaidya's, Atos Syntel, Nykaa Wellness,
CFO Bridge, and Copyright Agent (Denmark), amongst others - we have worked with a wide range of brands - across content creation, corporate workshops and brand partnerships.
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