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The Seer Within - Patanjala Yoga Sutra

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

तदा दृष्टू: स्वरूपे अवस्थानम || १.३ ||

Patanjali Yoga Sutra || 1.3 ||

"Then the seer (Purusha) will be established in its own form." The two eternal primordial elements from which creation arises are termed - Purusha (Soul Element) and Prakriti (Nature/Matter). This combination gives rise to life forms as per the ancient Indian philosophy of Sankhya.

However, in most circumstances - Prakriti predominates and keeps us entangled in the material world. The Purusha remains a witness - one whose voice we can distinctly hear if we turn down the volume of the blaring of the thoughts created by Prakritic elements.

In modern terminology, Purusha is often called 'Intuition' or 'Inner Voice' or even 'Gut Feeling'. This 'Sixth Sense' aka Purusha is accessible - and is developed through higher stages and practices of Yoga.

Therefore, Patanjali wrote in the first chapter of his Yoga Sutras itself, that through the diligent practice of Yoga - the seer (Purusha) gets re-established in its own form - and you can finally hear what your soul has been trying to whisper to you all along🙏 .

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